MY MAIL : yaniar_prayogo@yahoo.com, yanipra@gmail.com, and yanipra@math.com
About Me :
I am a simple man living in this world working in IT field. I love all about IT. By profession I am a software engineer and enjoy my job. I love researching on new technologies such as programming languages.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Salam sejahtera

    Thank’s udah mau tengok blog aku yang msih bau kencor ……kalau aku boleh kasih saran untuk ziddu cari dan rubah yang sesuai dong…biar masuk semuanya….gitu looooh…Yah…bhs inggris……gak pa2 deh…

    Gak tertarik untuk lebih singkat alamatnya? seperti pakai co.cc atau co.nr gitu…?
    Oke selamat beraktifitas

  2. halah..halah..blog ne sopo iki??
    banyak sekali isinya..smpe puyeng ko aku bacanya..hahahaha 😛

    punya ilmu tu mbok ya dibagi-bagi toh mas…ckckckc


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    Have you been getting good results ?? What are the best ways you advertise ?? Do you have you any suggestions/thoughts on banner or link sharing and that kind of stuff ~~ Perhaps a joint venture ??

    I dont suppose you open to a side project that doesnt affect what you currently doing ?? I am currently involved in another online program that is paying me about $60 per day, but i want to take it to the next level.

    Look forward to sharing ideas and making money with you 🙂

    Kind Regards

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