how to compile jrxml or jasper via jasperstarter example command

Langsung saja ke command lagi nggak mute nulis:

Decription command:
-f = Format report
-p = Parameter (parameter yg bisa dmasukkan nilai).
-t = Jenis database
-H = host
-u = username
-p = password
–db-sid = sid dari database jika memakai oracle
–db-driver = driver database
–jdbc-dir = jar dari jdbc.

jasperstarter pr BlankReport.jrxml -f pdf -P status=3 -t oracle -H 172.16.1.xx -u asxx -p jatixxxx --db-sid orcl --db-driver oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver --db-url jdbc:oracle:thin://172.16.1.xx:1521:orxx --jdbc-dir jdbc


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