Installing Juju Cloud on vmware

After you download and installing ubuntu server on vmware you will be:

update your ubuntu server

 sudo apt-get update

after then download juju cloud server

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/0.6
 v6 later:
 sudo apt-get install lxc apt-cacher-ng libzookeeper-java zookeeper

 v5 :
 sudo apt-get install libvirt-bin lxc apt-cacher-ng libzookeeper-java zookeeper

edit on /home/user/.juju/environment.yaml

    type: local
    control-bucket: juju-d9493511a70741e1b455927fede1da33
    admin-secret: 3e5db898d7c5401ca8bdffa66435af95
    default-series: precise
    ssl-hostname-verification: true
    juju-origin : ppa

If you don’t have error you will be run your juju cloud

juju bootstrap

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