I have Question, How to implement Scrum if you don’t have more than 2 people or how to implements scrum in individual team…

Nang kost2an gw...

Dinding Tempat tidur saya…

I got answered from any site:

1-2 person team is just too small even for that little overhead scrum brings, start with what book says and then drop whatever you'll feel irrelevant after some time. Just don't drop retrospectives, it sure is worth the time spent discussing the problems you have, and finding solutions for them.
I would say that you can use agile methods, but you can't formally use Scrum as you can't fill the roles, and from what I know, Scrum is designed for teams of 7-10 people, perhaps slightly larger. But many of the agile methodologies, including Scrum, can provide you with a starting point.

A lot of suggest if you want to development program with methodolgy..

1. Podomoro Technique
2. GTD
3. Pragmatic Programmer
4. Or koboi method…:D

more than one suggest but i’m very interest with scrum….:D


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