[SOLVED] Shift 2 Unleashed has stopped working…

I try installing need for speed shift 2 unleashed but after finished i can’t running this application. the error can’t found physxloader.dll but that can be clear after download the dll packed. you can download dll on


after you download this dll copies this file to C://Windows/System32/.
now you can run again need for speed shift:unleashed 2.
but after i run again not get error dll. but the problem change on start up the game, I click career, and it will go to the loading screen, and the crash. So basically I haven’t even raced yet or started my career. because it will have crash every time. i got suggest from other forums that suggest is :

deleting graphicsconfig.xml

after that, i got crash the game on still there. i try other suggest from that forums

1. Right click on My computer
2. Select properties
3. Click on Advance system settings
4. Click on Advance Tab
5. Click on Settings button under Performance Section
6. Click on Data Execution Prevention
7. Click on Add button to add shift2.exe then click on apply

but, i got some problem “nothing work” and the last i’m installing this:


after finishing installing and start the game.i will say “yes” that it works perfectly

sorry my language not good, i’m learned with inggris..:D


21 thoughts on “[SOLVED] Shift 2 Unleashed has stopped working…

  1. i dont know my friend gave me CD of nfs shift I started the Shift2u.exe but it was asking for PhysXloader.dll i’ve downloaded it from site above in ur blog after that game started and clicked on career then there was a message called ‘Shift2uexe stopped working ‘ what can i do plss help
    P.S i have ATI radeon HD 5470 pls help BRO :/

  2. i am having the same problem….”NFS Shift 2 unleashed has stopped working” …… this error comes after getting into the Career when the game starts loading…help me out…i’ve done everything u mentioned above,but problem is still there….i have AMD Radeon HD 8600M graphics card of 2GB….

  3. Nice !!! XD work juga nih … Pake cara kedua, udah cari fixnya di steamcomunitt ga ketemu, download crack, install physx, VCRedist pun gabisa … Tapi pake step 2 baru mau masuk :v, btw ane dapet problem pas Autolog tuh

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