NeoAxis Game Engine …Makyoss….:D

NeoAxis game engine yang patut dicoba…hihihi…mungkin bagi temen-temen yang hobi buat game. neoaxis Game Engine ini patut dicoba…coba lihat gambar dibawah ini game-game yang dibuat dengan neoAxis dan ogre sebagai renderingnya mantapsss..:D

3D Visualization demo

Capoeira Legends

Large maps, grass

Grid-based path finding system

Feature yang tersedia pada game engine adalah sebagai berikut:

NeoAxis Engine tools forms a complete content pipeline. You can edit every aspect of your world, including game-object attributes, set triggers and level logic all in the our WYSIWYG Tools.
Expandable Map Editor

The integrated WYSIWYG world editor is a powerful object placement toolkit for the easy building of game scenes.

* Full undo/redo support
* Expandable by dynamic linking assemblies
* Visual arrangement and editing of any game objects, such as static objects, terrain, characters, light sources, water, sky, and other objects with ease.
* The visual game logic editing
* The heightmap based landscape editor
* The Map Editor is a full realization of the “What You See Is What You Get” toolkit design philosophy
* No compile times! Simply press “Run simulation” to instantly interact with your map!
* Layers
* Gizmo

Game object editor

Allows developers to fully configure all types of game objects, and to adjust objects visually. It is includes creation of appearance, configuring physics, particle systems, and all other attributes of game objects visually.

Expandable material editor

An intuitive visual tool for designing materials and shaders.

GUI editor

GUI Editor is intended for the creation of end-user controls, menus, dialogues, windows, HUD screens and in-game 3D GUI.

Physical model editor

Tool for the creation of physical models for game objects.

Particle system editor

Powerful tool for the creation of various particle systems.

Terrain editor

Terrain Editor, a landscape design tool. Supports geometry editing and painting of alpha layers onto terrain to control blending, collision data, and support of detail and normal maps.

Static lighting calculation tool

Build in static lighting calculation tool with lightmaps and irradiance volume support.

3D modelling packages exporters

NeoAxis Engine includes many model exporters, supporting all popular 3d packages:

* 3D Studio Max
* Maya
* SoftImage XSI
* Blender
* Milkshape

NeoAxis Engine contains a wide range of base classes for rapid and intuitive development of game projects.

* Framework for creation of new game types. Easy to make new game types. The engine currently includes three example game types:
o First person shooter (FPS)
o Real-time strategy (RTS)
o Third person shooter (TPS)
* General artificial intelligence system for units
* Expandable grid-based path finding system
* Water volume with physical influence and splashes
* Cut scene manager. Allows you to make cut scenes in your game.
* Units, characters and vehicles. Make any unit type, such as characters, tanks, turrets, etc.
* Factions. Create forces and fractions for your unit groups.
* Weapons, bullets and physical explosions. Creation of various kinds of weapons in NeoAxis very simple.
* Doors. You can make various doors including automatic doors.
* Various switches. You can make various quantitative and boolean switches.
* Start and respawn points. Different start points and helpers for units and other objects.
* Physical streams. You can create steam, fiery streams, etc.
* Curves. Bezier, uniform cubic splines. Visual adjustment in the Map Editor.
* Cameras management. Simple cameras and cameras which can move on curves.
* And many more!

and more

cuma sekedar info karena setelah saya lihat kelihatanya saya juga tertarik…:D..oo iya ada yang lebih menarik karena support dengan Web Deployment…jika tertarik kunjungi situsnya di


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