Ipad and Iphone Emulator at desktop PCs

yesterday, when I was curious about the iphone and Ipad. I’m looking at google search engine and I accidentally finding emulators from each of these devices.
Ipad Emulator
This application is made by using adobe Air.yeah right adobe air is a new technology from Adobe. many applications that have been made with adobe air.for more details, please visit the adobe site. Although ipad application is still alpha version before beta but this application can be used to access the Internet using the browser prestigious of apple “safari”. in addition there are also other facilities because it is still in the development phase. besides using adobe air application is also made with adobe flex 4.

Download – AIR iPad v.01 (alpha)

look at pictures from Ipad and below after the run.

Iphone Emulator
besides Ipad there are also Ipad emulator from Iphone. named with air iphone application is also similar to that created with Adobe AirIpad air and flex 3.

Download – AIR iPhone v3.60

*sorry if my english very bad I’m learning ..:D

source : http://www.merhl.com


14 thoughts on “Ipad and Iphone Emulator at desktop PCs

    • maaf mas saya coba jadi koq, coba install ulang lagi adobe airnya. klo memang tidak bisa mungkin dikarenakan perbedaan versi adobe airnya(definisi sementara saya…:D)

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