Buat pohon pake java…

nyam…nyam searching dpat link bagus neh…sekedar sharing…sapa tw berguna…monggo…

package Aritmat;

import acm.program.*;
import java.awt.*;
import acm.graphics.*;
 * @author www.toves.org/books/java/ch18-recurex/index.html
public class Pohon extends GraphicsProgram {
    public void run(){
            drawTree(120, 200, 50, 80);

    private void drawTree(double i, double i0, double i1, double angle) {
        if(i1 > 2){
            double x1 = i + i1 * GMath.cosDegrees(angle);
            double y1 = i0 - i1 * GMath.sinDegrees(angle);

            add(new GLine(i, i0, x1, y1));
            drawTree(x1, y1, i1 * 0.78, angle + 30);
            drawTree(x1, y1, i1 * 0.66, angle - 50);

hasilnya :

gw belum explorer lebih tentang package acm kayaknya cie fungsinya hampir sama ma graphic kali…silahkan dicoba sendiri..:D


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