5$ /day or more very easy with fiverr

Well i am been noticing that people here and some other famous ones too been struggling to earn some $$$ online. For that, either they are working with PTC and some guys working on Bux sites. But i must tell you guys that they sucks big time. 😉

Well i am talking about a new site which you guys might even head of. But it may be new for many.

So i took some of my time and had written this small tutorial to earn some good $$$ online working with very little efforts!! 🙂

Site : http://www.fiverr.com/

This site is a basic buy/sell site where people offer their services for just 5$. So you guys can also go there and offer whatever you can for 5$. Buyers come mainly from US,UK,Canada!!

Some popular services you can offer :

* Create a Logo for 5$
* Create a banner for 5$
* Write a 500 works unique article for 5$
* Record an audio speech for 5$
* Convert videos to any format for 5$
* Create a PPT presentation for 5$
* Write a code which can take max. 1 hour for 5$
* Can do some research on any topic for 5$
* Install the wordpress for 5$
* Blog Commenting for 5$

Just go ahead and offer anything you can do in less time and worth 5$!!! See there for more examples!!

Site deducts 20% of each job you do. They call it a GIG as your service. So in real they are taking 5$ from buyer and in return you will get 4$ out of it.

Also, It takes 15 days to withdraw. Its becoz of Credit Card cycle process which gets finished in 15 days. So after that the buyer cant charge back!!

So if you made 4$ today and 4$ tomorrow then you can withdraw both on 15th and 16th day starting from today.

I hope its easy and clear till now???

Remember, You can promote your GIG’s (services) on twitter,facebook,myspace or anywhere you want or also can make a blog for your GIG’g and can promote or spam it aimlessly to get more and more traffic.

If you get a lot of Reviews then your GIG will be made FEATURED and will be displayed on front page and thus more and more orders!! 😀

This is the most easy $$$$ you can earn…remember to give them a clear description in your GIG of what you are going to do and use a relevant pic. Also, Use maximum 3 keyworks like this keyword1 keyword 2 keyword 3!!

Withdrawl via PayPal only!! 🙂

HAppy Earning!!


2 thoughts on “5$ /day or more very easy with fiverr

  1. Fiverr is very cool. I used it often to get tweets out to large amounts of people at a time. Just make sure you look at the feedback and rating of the seller. I have also had great success (sometimes better than Fiverr) with UpHype.com. This one’s is all about “Hype” and is more focussed on marketing efforts to promote your message, business or product? UpHype jobs are called “Hypes”. Hypes range from promoting your message to a user’s 100,000 Twitter followers to writing an article or press release for your blog. http://uphype.com. Plus it has a fun design like fiverr.

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